Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fabric Softener

You should all be happy to know that I have made friends with my local convenience store owner. I asked him his name in Greek. I have no idea what he said but that is besides the point. So, I have mastered hello, what is your name, nice to meet you, excuse me, and thank you. No worries, hopefully I will learn more. You ask yourself, why don't I teach these phrases to you via my blog. Well, see I spell them like they sound so I'm sure I would confuse you just as much as I confuse myself. My whole reason for going to the convenience store was to buy laundry detergent and I was on such a high from speaking to my new friend that I ended up buying fabric softener. I did not realize this until after I loaded my washer and started it. So, my clothes smell nice but I am not really sure they were cleaned. Oh well, at least I did not buy dishwasher soap like some other kid today. The washer was overflowing with bubbles, people were cursing in Greek, and I was just ya know enjoying my fabric softener haha.

Anyway, this past weekend was a lot of fun. We saw stomp Friday, climbed the hill in our nice dresses and everything to get there. They were awesome and the view was unbelievable. We spent the night in Kolonaki which is the posh "see and be seen" hot spot in Athens. So, we drank Sangria and ate crepes (not Greek, but still very much delicious!) On our way home we watched the changing of the guards at Parliament, got hit on by the guard supervising the transition, and got to take our picture with one of the ones on duty. So serious.

On Saturday we took the metro to the port, realized we had gone to far to get to the beach, got back on the metro and found the beaches. It should have taken us about 45 minutes but with all our mix ups it took us about an hour and a half. No worries because the beach was gorgeous and we got to swim in the Mediterranean!! Women topless, men in speedos, and what I call a drag suit but I guess could also be known as male booty shorts? Anyway, I posed the question that since being topless on the beach is culturally acceptable what happens when you go to the beach with your family? Do the rules change for husbands and mothers in law, dads and daughters, sisters and brothers? Just curious.

Yesterday, I ventured out to the post office. I got lost (naturally) but eventually found my way to this tiny little side street. It remind me more of a clerk of court office then a post office but anyway I walked in unsure of where to go or what to do so I stood back for a couple minutes before realizing I needed to take a number. I did, paid for my stamps and tried to give the woman my post cards. She refused them and told me I had to place them in the mailbox outside. Just a different way of doing things I suppose. Speaking of mail I got my absentee ballot today. I have voted and will be mailing my ballot back sometime soon! This is especially exciting since this is my first presidential election!!

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conor said...

hahahaahhahah you would. The kid with the bubbles every where that would be me :)