Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Have Arrived

Day 2 of oh so many...Sunday afternoon I said by to the family and hopped on my plane to Greece. My flight had about 30 other CYA students on it and we all seemed to congregate in the waiting area at the Philly airport. People are from all over the country, some have never left the U.S, others have been all over the world, and most of us know no Greek..typical Americans ; ).

Anyway, I ate tofu on the plane...U.S. Airways is classy like that. Not. haha. Tried to sleep but with a combination of nerves and restlessness I think I probably slept for all of 2 hours. Arrived in Athens to find out the girl I had set next to on the plane was actually one of my roommates. I have an apartment about a 5 minute walk from our campus. I share one bathroom and a small kitchen and living area with four other girls. But we have a gorgeous blacony and it is very authentic.

Yesterday and today have just been about checking in and getting books. I'm going to the crash course on Greek today because I need to learn some basic words and phrases. Tomorrow is orientation with all those fun ice breakers and the important info and Thursday we start class. I'm taking The culture of Modern Greece: An Ethnography of a society in Transition, Ancient Greek Athletics, Religions of the Middle East, and The Monuments or Greece, where we get to do alot of on site learning.

Last but not least there are more Anthro majors here then I have ever encountered in my life. You all would be astonished that more then just me exisits in the world of Anthropology!!!! More later..

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